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The Latte Stone are stone pillars of ancient houses notable for their two-piece construction; the supporting column (halagi) topped with a capstone (tasa).

The Ohio priest-in-training who was arrested last Friday accused of attempting to travel to Mexico to have sex with multiple infants allegedly posted an ad to Craigslist last year offering to pay 0 to babysit. Wright, who was busted in San Diego after communicating with an undercover Homeland Security agent online seeking help to arrange the rape of babies as young as one year, waived his right to a detention hearing and declined to seek bail Thursday, the Times of San Diego reported.

A criminal complaint states investigators were alerted to Wright's Mexican plans when the seminary student began communicating with an individual in Tijuana after posting a Craigslist ad about adopting a child there.'If she is angry at me she will be even more fun because she will probably try to get away and it is so much more fun when it is a bit of a struggle --- what do you think? Wright, who studied to be a priest at the Pontifical College Josephinum in Columbus, Ohio, initally planned to travel to Mexico on December 11, but got cold feet, stayed home, and stopped emailing with the undercover agent.

'Looking for a female who can help me when I visit and show me local attractions and good food along with places to have fun and introduce me to good people.

Please respond with your email and contact information and a pic,' the ad read.

The Haligi was made from coral limestone and usually carried several miles from the quary site for installation in the appropriate location.

The tasa was made from natural, hemispherical coral heads collected from the reef.

Very large capstones such as those found in Luta an island 70 miles north of Guam are mined from naturally concretized pressurized sedimentary sand layer.

At Senator Angel Santos Latte Park (above left photo), eight of these stones are displayed.

These latte stones were transferred to hagåtña or Agana from Me'pu, their original location in Guam's Fena Lake interior (also known as Naval Magazine).

Stone pillars range from 6 to 20 columns (a 20 column latte was found east of Naval Magazine Southern Guam).

Customarily, latte sites situated on shorelines have bones of the ancients, and possessions as jewelry or canoes buried below the parallel arrangements of stones.