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It's cheaper, and you'll be feelin' scary about the flyer for a while.

But the colored man was not one to remain quiet when he had such a scary visitor, and his yells aroused the ship.They said they had heard that "soldiers had come to catch we," and "we were scary." After the first few trips he became so thoroughly accustomed that he often wondered how he had ever thought this scary riding.Theres a vacant bedreally, thats one reason why the room is so scary.But piracy in the far future, when presented as vividly as in this story, can be scary stuff.To make it even more difficult, many English Language examinations don't use Now, the above isn't said to cause you to worry... Use this site as a tool to help you learn synonyms antonyms... Browse the pages of this site using the at the top or click on synonyms antonyms for more information.

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The scary rabbit is an impetuous, tyrannous and jealous lover.

The lights and the glory of the occasion dim the scary feeling when you sit up there in the seats of honor.

He was sure wild and scary of railroads, towns, or a strange house.

"Whoever got this trick up will have to think of something newer and more 'scary,'" thought Reade, as he paced the floor.