No credit card sex lines

Thus, the only thing needed by scam artists that have is a method of inducing you to call them.You don't even need to divulge credit card or other account numbers in order to be billed.Similarly, phone numbers can be obtained, without high-tech equipment, through purported sweepstakes that require a phone number on an entry form, or even through simply drawing numbers at random from the telephone directory.

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The charges may just appear on your phone bill as a charge for either a regular long distance or a collect telephone call.People who receive these bills have no way of knowing that the charges are actually for a sex line or psychic line and not long distance or collect calls so they pay without ever realizing.Automated Phone Number Capture Anyone capable of capturing a consumer's telephone number can cause charges for a product or service to be included on that person's phone bill.Using Automatic Number Identification (ANI), a system similar to "caller ID," they can capture the phone number from which a call to the party originates.The person placing a call or otherwise providing a telephone number may not even be you.

Shortly after the introduction of 900 numbers, this technology was used by unscrupulous operators to deceive and defraud consumers.Once the call was placed, they were billed for the alleged service or information and the unwitting victim often had no means to contest the charge.Cramming, the number one telemarketing scam of 1998, refers to putting unauthorized or nonexistent telecommunication or service charges on your credit card, bank account or phone bill.Con artists have found the telephone billing and collection system to be a fertile area to defraud consumers.Taking advantage of changes in the telecommunications industry that began years ago with the break up of AT&T, these cons arrange to put charges on consumers' phone bills for services that were never ordered, authorized, received or used.Sometimes a one-time charge for entertainment services will be crammed onto your phone bill. Cramming of recurring charges falls into two general categories: club memberships, such as psychic clubs, personal clubs, or travel clubs; and telecommunications products or service programs, such as voice mail, paging, and calling cards.