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Example of a Hookup site: Standard Business Model The standard business model for a hookup site or an adult dating site is pretty straightforward.

You set up the website and people who are looking to have sex with anonymous strangers in their area would join. If your user base is one thousand members large, then you can make ,000 up to ,000 a month.

This is passive income because a lot of the interaction, a lot of the content is being generated by your members.

The downside to any kind of dating site is the chicken-or-egg dilemma.

People will only join if there are already members to your website. Not surprisingly, a lot of entrepreneurs are pushed to create fake profiles so they can attract real people.

However, you don’t have an existing member base so people won’t join. And then the hope is that they would delete these fake profiles because enough real people have joined. While it’s awesome and it’s easy to see how much money it would generate for you, the reality is that there is a new player in town.

This new business model has turned the standard business model on its head. They also offer premium memberships that give you wider and better communication options.

An increasing number of adult dating sites are absolutely free. Regardless of which type of business model you’re interested in, pay attention to the advantages and disadvantages of running a hookup site.

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