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Mr Lawson said: “Stacey began threatening the victim saying he had been texting a 15-year-old and he wanted the victim to pay him money or he would go to the police.

Prosecutor Matthew Lawson told Southampton Crown Court, Hants., the defendant set up a profile on a dating website in March 2015 pretending to be an 18-year-old woman called Stacey.He was contacted by the victim and they began exchanging messages, which quickly turned sexual.The pair exchanged mobile phone numbers and swapped more sexual text messages and later pictures, including naked ones.But the victim then received a message which said the girl was actually 15.A chef posed as a woman to encourage another man to send naked pictures of himself online, before claiming to be an underage girl and blackmailing him for £6,000.

Father-of-two Richard Stacey, 21, told his horrified victim he would be named online as a paedophile if he did not pay the cash, a court heard .Stacey, of Eastleigh, Hants, blackmailed the man out of more than £6,000 in a series of installments.Stacey was this week beginning a jail term of three years and nine months after admitting blackmail.The victim came clean to his place of employment, which allowed him to keep his job because of his confession.In a victim impact statement he said: “I have been living in fear that this would be posted online.“I am ashamed of how I treated my family and having to take money from them in order to pay the defendant.