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Five years ago, I wrote about new personal finance manager software programs like that would replace manual budgeting with a snapshot of …I am concerned about privacy and do not like having my financial information stored on more servers than necessary. Hello Wallet is still around but offered exclusively through employers to its employees.

Recently the version of PMS I'm running under Linux Mint 17.2 (version has stopped updating libraries.

If I do a manual update, the 'Scanning "Movies" section' message appears, followed by the 'downloading information' message a second later, but no new items appear in the library - even though there are new items there. I do find it easier doing updates and installs via the command line though.

However, PMS on my Mac (version and later does update libraries normally. Both the Linux and Mac versions of PMS access the same folders on the NAS, and have the same content - except for the recently missing items. I have tried updating Mint using apt-get upgrade and apt-get update, removing and re-installing PMS, and rebooting the PC, but the issue persists. The debug log from Plex is here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/5328690/Thanks.

When I got my first bank account as a kid, I had a little passbook with my balance history stamped in it. Partially because of these concerns, I’ve elected to use money management systems stored locally on my own computers. Intuit bought Mint in 2010 for 0 million and has been investing in technology and growing Mint’s user base ever since. Mint was the first free personal finance manager software to attract a critical mass of users, and, a couple years ago, the best.

Mint Pros Try Mint Now (It’s Free) Personal Capital is another personal finance manager newcomer showing potential.

In fact, after trying Personal Capital I’m hooked on their investment feature because it does the best job automatically figuring my total asset allocation across all of my investment accounts.

(The screenshot below shows just one of the ways you can view your entire portfolio with Personal Capital.

Mint then shows you—in a list or colorful graphs—where you’re spending your money.

You can also create budgets and have Mint alert you when you exceed the monthly limits you set in each category.

Mint also offers investment tracking, goal setting, mobile apps and integrated product recommendations.

(For example, if you bought sunglasses, Mint might show an ad for other fashion accessories under that transaction.) Mint is free and powerful software, but it’s designed to be everything to everyone which, in my opinion, makes it a bit clunky.