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Don't fight back, but show her that you understand her concern but that he is nothing like that. Now she's threatening to throw him in jail if i ever contact him again. My suggestion is to keep it on the low freom the parents until the time is right. We have gone out on soem dates then one day he's just like he can't go out with me because i am too young...If you don't act all childish about it, it might help show her that you are responsible and very capable of making good decisions on you own w/o putting yourself into danger. But just know SOMEBODY stands behind you in your decicion to stay with him. He is a year and some..i know is that when he turns 19 one month later i will be 17...My mom didn't mind that I dated someone who would end up 18 a year before I would, because she trusted me to do what was right when it came to us being together at times. I do know that its illegal to have sex with him and that is considering statutory rape. Can i date him and have sex with him or is it illegal even though i am 16.That doesn't really matter now that him and I aren't dating, but it was nice to know that even if she didn't know him all that well she at least had faith in me to take care of myself and say no. But for right now, we just want to hang out and they're all saying that "Yea, that's not all he wants." I know him and granted I figure he doesnt want to have sex yet and I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure he doesn't want to go to jail. Someone please tell me because i really like this guy and i don't want to let a little thing like a year and a month get in the way of things. i spent all my free time with him, and i even lost friends over him.Try convincing your mom in a casual way that you can do the same. please help me asap im 14 yrs old august 2 i turn 15 but im dating an18 yr old and when my mom gets mad she says she goning too press stagatory rape on him and we've already had sex but she said we could but know is deinieng it what do i do im in love and im very scared I am in DHS custody and my boyfriend is 23 I just turned 16 and Im pregnant. we both want to get together, but i've been talking to my guardian and everyone else i live with and they are all like, "That's illegal! I've been trying to look up the Virginia state laws about that sort of stuff, but I cant seem to find what i'm looking for. **Lissa** It is the age difference that makes it statutory rape. oh yeah i live in Washington State hey, yeah....i was dating a 19 y/o who was almost 20. But i lost more than friends, i lost my family life to.

Someone can you tell me is it against the law cause im at consinsul sex age. It is considered wrong for men or women (18 or older) to have sex with children more than 3 years younger than themselves. If you really love him, you don't want him convicted of a sex crime, and have to be a registered sex offender the rest of his life. I was living with my grandmother when him and i started dating, well she found out, and my choice was to choose him over her.And i love this man and I dont want him in one please help me. Now, here's a thought: at what age can you get married without parental consent in Utah? so i moved out of her house and into his apartment with him and his cousin who was also 19. If you are a MINOR dating an ADULT or an ADULT dating a MINOR, the adult can end up in deep trouble.I dont know what to do, and after her saying it was just wrong, and makes him a creep, iam thinking iam weird. Well I am 16 and I was dating a guy who is 17, but he will be turning 18 two days before I turn 17, which would mean I was a minor dating an 18 year old.I think your mom might be more concerned with the age difference and just the fact that he is older so he probably knows more about sex.She possibly assumes that as an 18 year old, he is going to be more interested in that and would take advantage of you.In her mind, you are a 15 year old girl who would be struggling with an 18 year old boy if he ever tried to force sex on you.