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We connect you to “army pen pals” free of charge if you’re already away in service (that’s to say you can connect with someone whilst still away and meet up when you get home; makes finding someone to date that much easier if you travel).

It’s kind of romantic to meet someone through letter exchange, don’t you think?

Uniform dating is not an army pen pal program, it’s a dating site where like minded professionals can meet and mingle. However, if someone is away in the army, they can use the site to find men and women at home to exchange messages with until they come home.

And if you’re a civilian at home you can use it to find army pen pals for free that you can meet with when they get home.

Basically it’s a site for people who want more than just army pen pals - it’s about meeting in real life too.

The movie Dear John might have put stars in a few women’s eyes.

Who wouldn’t want to write letters to their own dashing hero? Especially when he happens to look like a certain Channing Tatum…ahem.

Truth be told there are many men and women in the army who rely on letters, emails and messages from friends and lovers alike to keep their spirits high as they are away in training camps and at war.

After all, they do the job they do to keep the people they love safe and hearing from them give them strength knowing they’re doing something important and hope that they will one day return.

Army penpals are important to keep our troops happy.

When you are far away from home a message from an army pen pal, be it a family member or a potential date you’ve met through Uniform Dating, can really make your day.

Whether you’re a civilian looking to date someone in the army, or someone in the army yourself that would prefer dating someone likeminded, Uniform Dating can help you out.

We started Uniform Dating as a platform for likeminded singles - men and women in uniform who know what it’s like having a demanding career in service oriented fields.