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Due to the need for curated and reliable content in this case, this page is locked for editing.If you have further info or questions, please contact our support and we will look into updating this page.This file has been reported to be part of a spyware/malware/trojan.

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The ETA for a fix that resolves this nuget issue is later today.Also if you’ve made a comment and it isn’t showing up, don’t worry it will.I’m currently having technical problems approving comments. NET Web API included basic support for the OData, allowing you to use the OData Query Options $filter, $orderby, $top and $skip to shape the results of controller actions annotated with the [Queryable] attribute. That said true support for the OData format was rather limited.We strongly recommend Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware Premium as the current best option on the market.Malwarebytes Anti –Malware Premium detects and removes rootkits, Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs), Trojans, worms, and other suspicious code that your antivirus won’t detect.

Small, light, and compatible with antivirus suites, it’s the anti-malware computer technicians themselves use at home and on the job.Try Malwarebytes, the Leader in Malware Removal Support says: This is a possible manual solution for you 'handyman-fixers' out there: WARNING: Do this at your own risk.manually changing the registry could cause system critical errors if done incorrectly, the instructions below are not guaranteed to work on your particular system setup.and is spyware that changes your IE explorer searchpage to UPDATE 1 @ am on 16th August (PST): If you’ve tried using the preview nuget package and had problems, rest assured we are working on the issue (which is a dependency version issue).Essentially the preview and one of its dependencies have conflicting dependencies on specific versions of packages.