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Adam Meet by Juliet Roberts, author of Safer Christian Dating I don't know about you but when I think of the best role model of a Christian husband in the bible I think of Boaz, in the Old Testament book of Ruth.

If you are reading this article you are very likely ready to receive the one man God has pre-ordained for you from the beginning of time.

You may have been dating Christian men for a while now.

Before you go on with this article make sure that your life is where it should be with the Lord.Close your eyes and pray a simple prayer and commit to God that from now on He is number one in your life and that if there is anything in your life that is unlike Him you ask him to remove it. Tell God that you will only be dating Christian men who have the heart of God.Re-read 2nd Corinthians 14-18 and re-new your commitment to being equally yoked by only dating Christian men to find the one that is your Boaz, perfect for you.Christian dating is all about finding your exact, perfect Boaz—maybe not perfect, but perfect for you. If you are in an intimate relationship with God then you are indeed ready to find the man He has for you.Intimacy with the Lord teaches us the heart of God.

Spending quality time with God in bible study, prayer and worship lets us know what God is like.

Have you ever noticed that you become a lot like folks with which you spend a lot of time. When we have an intimate relationship with Him, it's easier to detect men that don't have His heart!

And start dating Christian men who do have the heart of God.

So many times we Christian women are willing to overlook things in men that are not like God.

When things go downhill we then look back and realize that we knew in our heart of hearts that this man was not a Boaz.

There are many men whom you will meet that tell you they are "Christian" because they attend church or they are members of a certain denomination of believers. Going to church no more makes you a "real Christian" then going in your garage makes you a car.