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sometimes you ARE good and you know you're good, but they still don't pick you (see Anthony Bryant! You just have to conclude that it's not your dancing, they simply don't like YOU. I actually think it's commendable Katee had the nerve to tell them to their faces that NO, she wouldn't come back after they rejected her twice. I wouldn't try out again if I had been cut right before top 20!

Did the judges expect people to just come crawling back multiple times just so they can get talked down to? You have to make a lot of sacrifices to go to Vegas and all of that. I LOVE Katee, ever since her audition, because she just shines! I know everyone thinks she doesn't have a personality.

SYTYCD is not the be all and end all of dance, so the judges shouldn't expect people to give up years of their lives for 15 minutes of reality TV fame. Does anyone remember the last time the judges disliked someone for their "attitude". (like her friend who missed graduation or the guy who quit his job). It was almost a flashback to Sabra & Dominic doing the nice slow hip hop routine, and Sabra surprising everyone with her hip hop ability. I was so shocked when she hit those moves in the beginning of the routine. But she by far is my favorite personality of this season, next to Comfort. I don't remember any of his other dances with other partners (Chelsie, Twitch, Courtney) unfortunetly. In fact, the guys who did dance with Katee arguable had their best dances when paired with her: Joshua (Bollywood, Mia's Contemp, Hip Hop), Twitch (Mia's Contemp), Will (Pas de Deux).

Backstage Katee started crying since she did wanna be there and since the judges had a split decision, Katee was allowed to still be in the cast. Katee said she wouldn't TRY OUT again (and if you think about it, after getting rejected twice, most good dancers would just move on and pursue a real dance job), she never said she would QUIT DANCING.

And honestly, if a dancer tries out twice and gets rejected twice (after making it to Vegas) and still comes back for a third time, they are probably either (a) Desperate, or (b) a fame whore.

If you are good enough, two tries ought to do it...

“So You Think You Can Dance” has had its first sidelining injury of the season, but at least it’s not a competitor.

All-star Allison Holker, who’s consistently wowed the audience and overshadowed her partner this season, is out for the week due to an injury.

“Hey guys I have to sit this week out of #sytycd I hurt my ribs but I’m gonna rest and heal and I’ll be back by next week!! She recently paired with Kent Boyd for a jazz routine choreographed by Mandy Moore. Sorry Katee Shean will be on #SYTYCD along with Nyjel Lithgo.” For those who don’t recall Shean, she and her roommate were vying for the final Top 20 spot in Season 4, and Shean had gotten the spot, despite having a defeatist attitude.

Although she’ll be missed, at least another fan favorite, Season 4’s Katee Shean will return, most like to sub in for Holker.

Judge Nigel Lythgoe tweets, “the rumour is true that Katie Shean is on this week’s #SYTYCD.

I would love to be pursuing my first love of dance by being able to dance and teach professionally, and I would also like to be following my second passion of community service by being involved and helping non-profit organizations.

Nigel asked Katee that if she would try out again next season if she didn't make it.

At first she said no and while she tried to explain the judges started critizing her saying how they don't wanna let someone who won't try in.