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However, if you know your way around, this rather hidden gem has endless potential.Although Indonesia is the biggest islamic country in the world, there`s still a ton of fun to have.

D`s Place, Top Gun and My Bar were the most popular bars when I visited Blok M the last time.

English language is no problem here because the owners of the bars target their places mainly to the expat community.

No need to come to Blok M before 8pm and even that is probably to early.

Tired of the common Asian sex destinations like Bangkok, Pattaya, Angeles City and Phnom Penh ? This mega-city is not exactly well-known for westerners sitting in bars filled up with willing bargirls.

Indonesian pussy ranks pretty high on my list and Jakarta is definitely an adventure.

In fact, while cruising around the streets, shopping malls or other public places you will hardly see any other western foreigners.Places like Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Rio de Janeiro or Angeles City all have a certain “touristy” feeling but Jakarta is a totally different story.Besides a small language barrier there is nothing to worry about and the experience in the end is really rewarding.Jakarta serves also as a perfect starting point before you head to other parts of the country like Bali, Sumatra or Kalimantan.Believe me, Indonesian girls are among the sweetest in the world.So if you are fed up with tattooed hardcore Thai hookers after your 69th trip to Pattaya then Jakarta might suit you very well. Blok M (Bar Area) You will find around a dozen small bars on Jalan Pelatehan.