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While fans wait to see if Rihanna will address the Chris Brown assault in her new , Brown is definitely going to discuss it in a documentary of his own.

, specifically, Drizzy’s lyrics on his track “Hype.” The Toronto rapper not only talks about his friend Rihanna, whom he recently has been rumored to be hooking up with, but also presumably raps about his beef with Meek Mill.Here are five lyrics you should know from the hot track. (Probably) About Meek Mill: “Last year I know you learned your lesson, I could GPS you if you need addressin’ / Boss up, I’m the bigger homie, But I’m one year older than my lil homie.” (Probably) About Meek Mill: “Don’t get along man, we tried it, What’s the point in eve trying? Blige and Mike Tyson are slated to appear, the real buzz surrounds Brown finally addressing the incident in which he brutally attacked his then girlfriend, Rihanna, back in February of 2009.“This is the first time I get to say anything,” said Brown in the first look of the documentary. 1 songs, being kind of like America’s sweetheart to being Public Enemy No.

1.” As for that fateful day in which he abused Rihanna while they headed to a Grammy event, Brown reveals just how much he struggled in private following the aftermath. I was thinking about suicide, I wasn’t sleeping, I barely ate…If there was ever a doubt in your mind Chris Brown was done, he was finished…I wouldn’t bet on it.” His mother also said, “That was the worst day of my life… I felt like I was losing my child.” Usher added, “If you truly love Chris Brown, you felt everything that was going on with him.” The release date for the documentary has not yet been released. Drake awkwardly revealed to the world over the weekend that he and Rihanna are just fiends.The Canadian rapper and the Barbadian beauty have been subject to ongoing dating rumors since the release of their track, “Work.” Not helping the gossip, their constant grinding and intimate dance moves whenever performing the track. During the rapper’s opening monologue on Drizzy pretended to be Rihanna, wig and all, and while singing a rendition of “Work,” changed the lyrics to: “I swear we only friends, friends, friends, friends, friends.” During the rapper’s five-minute monologue, he also addressed being the face of dozens of memes.But instead of just making one comment, the rapper actually did a full song about being “more than a meme.” Enjoy.