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New reports suggest that Tom Hiddleston’s romance with Taylor Swift is a publicity stunt in the hopes that the actor will be named the next James Bond, at least according to the sources cited.

From what sources have said, however, Tom Hiddleston could potentially be using his relationship with Swift to boost his chances of being chosen.“Tom is making a huge power play dating Taylor in his quest to be the next James Bond,” a source tells .“Producers are desperate for the next Bond to be a universal name that will boost the brand worldwide, especially in America.” With that in mind, it is clear that Hollywood studios are looking someone with a good reputation in the business.They’re not necessarily looking for someone that nobody knows.This will certainly make him clear favorite now, ahead of the likes of Aidan Turner, Idris Elba and Tom Hardy who have all been mentioned.” revealed photos of the couple kissing and hugging one another.

The “Blank Space” singer’s new romance comes just two weeks after she was said to have been dumped by Calvin Harris, who reportedly grew suspicious over Taylor’s distant behavior.

Reports stress that Harris was convinced that Taylor was seeing someone else, and that was before the couple even broke up.

Instead, they want an actor that is well established and tends to be in the news every so often.

Whether or not the relationship between Hiddleston and Taylor is, in fact, based on genuine feelings doesn’t mean that the 35-year-old won’t hope to get something out of it.

After all, if the two break up, Swift, who is famously known to write her songs based on previous relationships, will likely dedicate an entire album to the relationship she would have shared with the actor. he knows by hooking up with Taylor he will give himself the best opportunity in securing the part,” the source continued.

“After all, a romance with arguably the biggest pop star on the planet will guarantee you huge coverage and that can only strengthen his hand in getting the role.