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With astonishing speed she goes from Cambridge Union debating star to best-selling author at 22 (with The Female Woman: An Argument Against Women’s Liberation for Female Emancipation) to conservative-commentator wife of a billionaire Texas oilman to independent gubernatorial candidate to committed liberal and bloghost and now the sudden It girl of the branding, marketing, digital-media world.Your own reaction to her new incarnation—whether you consider her a corporate sellout or a digital-age savant—reveals as much about you as it does about Arianna.

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Everyone remembers the first time they met Arianna Huffington; everyone has a story.Often it’s not the first meeting that resonates but the first time she got them to blog for the Huffington Post and tap into the purposeful self-expression–happiness continuum that is the Arianna Huffington brand.I first met Arianna at an Ad Age symposium where she was the closing act of a two-day affair.It was springtime, soon after the Huffington Post—the Web site Arianna cofounded in 2005 with Kenneth Lerer and Jonah Peretti—had been bought for 5 million by AOL, and Arianna was in bloom, newly in charge of all of AOL’s content, and everyone wanted to know: What does this mean? Is Arianna the oracle—or the debacle—of the future of information, communications, stories, journalism, marketing?Sixty-one-year-old Arianna was, still is, and probably will continue to be the target of both awe and suspicion.

Her life’s journey is now the stuff of Greek myth, chronicled by every major magazine and by her own pen.Over the years she’s been revered and derided to such extremes that she’s taken to inviting her fiercest lampooners to her famous dinner parties.The myth begins with young Greek Arianna encouraging her mother to leave her journalist father, seeing a photograph of idyllic Cambridge University, and deciding that brains are her escape.She has a narcotic relationship to power.” Except that now she is the power.The New York Times’s Bill Keller has been her most outspoken critic, calling her the “queen of aggregation,” who “discovered that if you take celebrity gossip, adorable kitten videos, posts from unpaid bloggers, and news reports from other publications, array them on your Web site and add a left-wing sound track, millions of people will come.” Arianna seems to thrive on the sparring; it’s the fodder for her vaunting ambition.For several months Internet eyeball trackers have been abuzz that the Huffington Post is now netting more viewers than The New York Times’s Web site.