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So I guess the moral of the story is that one must avoid giving to temptations at all costs.

I apologise if my answer is inadequate for your needs. Based on this verdict I suggest that instead of messing about with offering tea to their suitors, girls should do a bit of private table dancing for him and that will be a lot more fun.

Response from Ayatollah Seyyed Mohammad Sadegh Rohani: It's not a problem if both of you intend to get married.

In the near future we plan to see each other via computer camera (he does not live in Iran) and he wants to see me without my hejab. Also would it be a sin if he comes to Iran and sees me one more time without my hejab?

He can even look at your entire body, but not for long; only enough for your suitor to decide for sure if you have what he's looking for.

Thanks again for your excellent question about eating unhealthy portions of apple by this fellow adam.

Let me apologize for the delay in getting back to you- I had to have a comprehensive discussion with my Marja yesterday.

He has asked me to convey the following points; Firstly you pose a series of very interesting and advanced question on this topic.

By posing these questions and helping to advance the frontiers of our holy shia jurisprudence, you already have gained negative sin index points (otherwise known as Savab index points).

Again I approached my Ayatollah in Najaf for clarification but his excellency was unavailable.

He had taken his donkey for his constitutional daily walk but he had come back somewhat injured under uncertain circumstances and as far as we can tell he had taken his male donkey in error or a ride (The male donkey is taken out by the Ayatollah's servants and the Ayatollah usually takes the female donkey for a ride).

I must admit when I think of the love the Ayatollah has for the gods creatures, I always feel a little tearful.

So I am unable to give you an official anwer as to how much sin can be commited by eating too much apple, although vaguely I recall an original test case documented in the doctrine that certainly eating certain strain of apple can not only be bad for you, it will be bad for all your family including your partner and offsprings.