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204 CHAPTER 8 • Changing Values, Goals, and Models: New Thinking on Assimilation, Pluralism, and Separatism According to Pachon and Moore (1981), three factors tend to promote cultural plu-ralism among Hispanic Americans: proximity to the homeland (Mexico or Puerto Rico,for most), the recent general emphasis among American racial and ethnic groups on cul-tural identity, and bilingual education. (As noted, however, bilingual education cameunder increasing attack in the 1990s and was eliminated in some areas.

First, Hispanic Americans are quite geographically concentrated: Although the Hispanic population has grown in all parts of the country, more thanthree-fourths of all Hispanic Americans live in just seven states.

Although Hispanics continue to maintain their culture, recent surveys suggest thatthey are fairly optimistic about their opportunities in the United States.

For example, ina 2003 Gallup poll, 70 percent of Hispanics believed that the quality of life for Hispanicshas improved over the past ten years (Gallup Organization, 2003a).

Both of these facts make it easier for Hispanics than for past immigrants to maintain their culture.

Second, the proportionof Spanish-speaking people among immigrants over the past couple decades has beenlarger than the proportion of immigrants speaking any one language at any time in ourhistory (Domestic Policy Association, 1986).

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