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I am simply the type of person who loves writing to tv shows, radio shows, grocery stores, J. So, regarding Stern, I listen Monday through Thursday in my studio religiously. No, because I honestly didn't know my art life would be discussed on the Stern Show.

My laptop is next to me as I draw and if something strikes me, I send an email to the show. It's a thrill when you hear Howard read your email the next day. After one of my emails describing how much I loved Benjy, I got my first response. They said it was rare that anyone appreciated Benjy. I thought, "This is my one and only chance to meet Benjy and everyone else on the Stern Show and I want to meet them." I accepted.

O'Neil realized the photo made her uncomfortable and it has since been removed. I've been a listener since Howard hit the Dallas airwaves. I was a tame, sexually frightened Catholic kid, but somehow The Stern Show appealed to me. Crew." or, "Sally the sacker is the sweetest thing in your lovely grocery store", I just need to respond. How anyone could think that someone who makes the work I make would also consider a time in the Stern studio "art" completely baffles me.

So Robyn O'Neil's recent appearance on the Stern show was, at least for me, hard to ignore. There was some fallout, though, namely due to a photograph of O'Neil lifting up her shirt (though leaving on her bra) that went up on the Stern show website - and then spread through the Tubes. Because I care, and I do, I spent a couple days tracking O'Neil down and asked her a series of questions. I have been writing to the show since before I knew about email. Whether I want to say, "Thank you for carrying my favorite tank tops, J.

It was a fascinating appearance, not only to hear Stern praise her for her beauty, and question her motivation, but to hear his surprise when she explained that she made good money making art. What made you decide to contact Stern, and how did you go about getting on the show?

Last week, Stern welcomed O'Neil, who is from Texas, into the studio because of her professed love (through e-mails) for Benjy Bronk, the show's mercilously-mocked head writer.

But, they were interested in hearing more about it.

So, I talked about what I did a bit, tried to keep it simple, brief. The producers in the back then flash images up on all the cast's computers of my work from the internet.So, they start asking me about dead owls, and sweat suits, and pencils.It's just great to know that your thoughts are heard. I tried playing it down because I know, as an avid fan, that I don't tune into this show for art reasons.To explain how important this "writing in" is, I probably send an average of 6 email to the show a week. So, they asked if I wanted to have them put up any of the websites I'm associated with and I said no.I also write fan letters to John Goodman, Anthony Bourdain, Werner Herzog, David Lynch, and Samm Levine of Freaks and Geeks. They weren't used to that as most people go on there for plugs and publicity alone. Long story short, during the appearance, Howard simply asks what I do for a living.I tell him I'm an artist and figure they'll make fun of that and move on.