How to talk to kids about dating after divorce

Your kids will, rightfully, have a lot of questions when you tell them about your divorce or separation.

You may begin by saying “For a long time, Mum and Dad have not been getting along.

We have tried in lots of ways to make our marriage happier, but we are still not happy with each other.

We have decided not to live together and get a divorce”.

Some things will need to change and other things will stay the same.

If possible, it is best to tell your kids together.

Try to discuss what you want to tell them beforehand.This will avoid the kids hearing two different versions of events.Even though the marital relationship is dissolving, they need to feel a sense of trust in the parental relationship.Children may want to know who they will live with, when they will see each of you and where they will go to school.If you know the answers, tell them then, otherwise be honest and promise to tell them once it is sorted out. Tell them that it is okay to feel sad because they will sometimes miss the other parent. Most children older than four or five years old feel somehow responsible for the divorce.Remind them that the divorce has nothing to do with anything naughty them may have done in the past and how proud of them you both are.