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Read more: The quick-thinking of this heroic schoolboy saved a dog's life Laughing, he begins to sing but appears puzzled as a woman's voice can clearly be heard singing along with him.

Unfazed, he looks around the studio to see whose voice it is, until it disappears. I thought I was listening to a CD.” “Is there a ghost in the studio?

The former pop star, who dated the busty businesswoman for two years in 1998, thinks the star is doing well in the famous house but after she revealed some rather shocking details about her sex life with ex Alex Reid, Dane feels "she needs to be dignified". magazine, he said: "When she's in a situation when she's just chilling out, people will see she's just a nice person.

"[But] she's got to stop talking about her exes, though - it's personal.

Fair enough, she might feel a bit aggrieved and she wants to tell the world, but she's done it already.

According to , it isn't the first time a ghost has 'appeared' on air.

It said that during another incident, a caller phoned a late night radio show and claimed they and their family had died in a motorway accident before hanging up.

And when the DJ listened to the show the following day, there was no voice on the recording.Dane Bowers seems to be hooked on CBB and has had plenty to say about his ex Katie Price appearing in the Channel 5 show.An actor was left spooked when he sang a song live on a radio chat show - and a 'ghost' began singing along with him.Stunned Korean heartthrob Park Gun Hyung had been singing a romantic song when the ghoul 's voice harmonised with his for a few seconds during the taped segment.He had been invited along to appear on DJ Park Kyung Rim’s 2 O’Clock Date Radio show last week to talk about his work alongside fellow actor Hong Eun Hee, with the whole show filmed.Trained in musical theatre, a clearly embarrassed Park Gun Hyung was asked to sing the song he claimed he serenaded his wife with when they got engaged.