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The truth is, this scam works by fooling you into giving out your own password to a stranger via email, one of the requirement set out by these hackers is the sending of your own user name and password to a fake ‘password recovery’ account supposedly managed by the email provider.

Unbeknownst to you, that fake email belongs to the hacker.

DISCLAIMER: The author of this article does not advocate the breaking of any law.The article is written for an information and warning purposes only.Think logically, if one can hack an email by performing a few Google search without much knowledge in computer, something is seriously wrong with that email provider.Don’t Fall Victim to these ‘How to Hack Hotmail‘ scam, same goes for those searching for tutorials on how to hack Gmail, Facebook and Yahoo Mail Account.The bottom line is, never email your password to a stranger, not even Microsoft’s hotmail team members or Google administrator, and your password can be retrieved with the ‘lost password’ feature in hotmail or any other email system.

You’ve been warned again, there are no such things as 1 click hacking for emails.Email hacking doesn’t work, not even some special software you downloaded from a hacking forum, chances are, the software is infected with trojan or virus.Even if it is not, by using the software, you’ve broken the law.As a general rule of thumb, NEVER do anything a “hacker” tells you to do.These extra layers of security features are available in Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo and Microsoft Outlook accounts.Visit the security settings of your account to enable them.