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He lets me follow Islam and I have no problem wdone ith him being a Hindu.

We both understand and more important is the equality in our relationship, our marriage will be based on cooperation and understanding, without others telling us how to live our lives.

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So here are the principle meanings within the word "Muslim": I do see your point about finding someone you feel comfortable with and want to make a life with. He does not consider what you have as a true marriage, due to it not being within what He has prescribed in His Book.

You may see this man as something very good, especially to you. Marriage to such a person will only end in a huge problem.

But have you thought about this, the man does not believe in Allah, as One and only One God. The man would eventually challenge something from Allah's religion, and the woman would have to make a decision to leave him or stay without real Islam anymore. She would be intimidated by the man's family to allow the children to become their religion, or at least to allow these children to "choose for themselves".

However, I did something a few years ago that hurt my dad and mom very much.

I did something with a man who loves me and cares for me very much.

I do not regret what I have with him and I want him always as my life partner.He is the right person for me and no one is going to tell me different.What can I show him from the Quran or sunnah or some fatwah that it is OK for me to marry the one and only man I love?Islam teaches us to always obey our parents in everything thing except in committing shirk (partners with Allah). Your parents are always there for you and you always have a relationship with them.Everyone of us must choose to be a true Muslim, by following what Islam teaches.The word "Muslim" comes from the root in Arabic, "Aslama" and that carries a number of meanings from English, because the English language does not have this word.