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Pepper, who specializes in “prank” videos—a popular subculture on You Tube—later said the video was just a “social experiment.” It’s been pointed out that You Tube has a “creep problem,” and eradicating this overgrowth isn’t going to be easy.A spokesperson from You Tube explained that “You Tube’s community guidelines prohibit inappropriate content such as harassment.You Tube removes content that violates these policies when flagged by our users.” The site’s harassment and cyberbullying guidelines outline the various scenarios for flagging or reporting a video, and every video that’s flagged gets reviewed.

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Prank and pick-up videos attract the same type of followers, and their content has started to overlap.In a perfect world, banning prank and pick-up channels from You Tube would be an ideal solution, but it’s tricky: Those subscribers and clicks make ad money for You Tube, and those channels often get brand endorsements.Many have claimed that the women in the pick-up videos are actually actors, but that doesn’t absolve the men from being creeps.Both Pepper and Viohni’s accounts have been demonetized and their partnerships with You Tube suspended.Pepper and Viohni’s circles often intersect with pick-up artist channels, built on the bravado of vaguely college-aged guys claiming they can help other guys pick up women.

In many of these videos, though, picking up women is less about confidence and skill, and more about tricks—specifically tricking women into doing whatever the host wants.These channels have thousands, sometimes millions of followers, and the videos receive a proportionally astronomical number of hits.In the span of a couple weeks late last year, You Tube personality Sam Pepper went from being a popular U. vlogger to being persona non grata in the community.He’s facing multiple allegations of sexual harassment and rape, which started pouring in after he posted a video in which he covertly grabbed women’s butts.Soon after, multiple allegations against another popular You Tuber, Jason Viohni, came to light.The two joined a growing list of You Tube personalities who’ve been accused of or admitted to sexual misconduct with fans.