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With this year's winter update, we plan to introduce imbuing, a new feature that allows players to add certain temporary effects - imbuements - to pieces of equipment if specific requirements are met.

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With today's server save, the following change has been implemented on Aurera, Aurora, and Xylana: If there is a pile of 1,000 items somewhere on the map in Tibia and you try to put another item on it, you will not be able to do so.

You will receive a message that there is not enough room.

Only a few days left to participate in the "Lights, Camera, Action! Do you have an idea for a promotional video for the fansite?

Head on over to Tibia and check out all information there!

Tibia Guias is going to start a fun contest tomorrow, August 11, which involves sports, picture puzzles and their mascot Little Adventurer: The Sportibian Challenge!

Further info can be found in Portuguese and English on Tibia br! Tibiamagazine has published a new article called "What would you do if you took level 999? Head on over to Tibia Magazine.com, the article is available in English and Spanish.ibians, we would like to give you the opportunity to give us feedback about something that is currently on our drawing board!