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During her years at Howard University, she played a very active role in the collegiate chapter of the NAACP.

In Chicago, Illinois, she was installed as the first president of Lambda, and she served as the grand treasurer of the national organization. Adams also made enormous strides in the theatrical realm of her life when she directed the debut of actors Harry Belafonte and Sidney Poitier. Minor taught school in Alabama, South Carolina, and Pennsylvania.Founder; Born in Charlottesville, Virginia, was an excellent musician. In 1914, she graduated valedictorian of the Teacher's College. She went on to publish a book entitled, "Soul Echos," which featured 40 of her own compositions.She also became a renowned mezzo-soprano recitalist Founder; Born in El Paso, Texas.This article may require cleanup to meet Wikipedia's quality standards.The specific problem is: This list should be restricted to notatable people only is thise with a WP article, past presidents and founding members.

Delta Girl The Delta girl is one who has been given the opportunity of education and broad development: she is one who has enjoyed the privileges of culture and selected environment.It is pleasing to a heartfelt depth to see her not as self-centered, not desirous of selfish power, not wanting the plaudits of people, not wanting glory- but with a purpose which directs her activities and all that she may control toward lifting somebody else.The poem "Delta Girl" was written by honorary member Mary Mc Leod Bethune.The poem embodies the ideals of a Delta Sigma Theta woman.Listed below are notable members of Delta Sigma Theta, and includes the Founders, Presidents, and members who excel in various fields including arts and entertainment, business, civil rights, education, health, law, politics, science, and sports.Founder; Born in Albany, Georgia, and knew she could achieve all that she conceived.