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Pendleton is a small village and civil parish in Ribble Valley, within the county of Lancashire, England. The parish lies on the north west side of Pendle Hill below the Nick o' Pendle.The village is just off the A59, Liverpool to York main road, since the construction of the Clitheroe By-Pass.

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A book was written on this subject entitled The Pendle Witches by William Harrison Ainsworth, published 1849.Doreen Mc Glashan, born Doreen Wilson, a Pendleton native (now living in Australia, aged 92) states that as a child in the 1920s there was frequent talk of witches andwitchcraft in the village, and that she & her siblings were kept indoors on certain Saturdays because of "witches Sabbaths" happening in the town on those days.She also recounts large May Day celebrations in her youth which included dancing around a maypole, and states that as a girl she specifically remembers "pretty girls" often being suspected of witchcraft by the villagers.Most likely all such folk beliefs and witchcraft stories have by now been forgotten or lost by the residents of Pendleton, except perhaps by people who possess family lore dating back to the early 20th century.Higher areas of the parish, west of the village are part of the Forest of Bowland Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

Wymondhouses (an old farm in the south of the parish) was purchased in 1667 by the Nonconformist preacher Thomas Jollie.

He had a meeting-place licensed in 1672, later building a chapel that was still in-use until the 1860s.

Pendleton also has an interesting history related to traditional folk customs and the witchcraft persecutions.

Pendleton was once a township in the ancient parish of Whalley.

This became a civil parish in 1866, forming part of the Clitheroe Rural District from 1894.

Parts of the parish transferred to Sabden on its creation in 1904, Since 1974 it has formed part of the Borough of Ribble Valley.