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My personal interaction with the many generous people involved in organizing and planning these events, as well as the pure joy I experience as a result of my personal participation, have combined to provide me with a wealth of emotional fulfillment.

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The Fund was established with the mission to provide financial support to a variety of children’s charities and related causes in Northern New Jersey and the New York Metropolitan region.

To date, the JGCF has held five events and raised more than a million dollars to donate to a variety of charities.

Justin explains his motivation for creating the Justin Gimelstob Children's Fund: "Now that I have retired from the ATP world tour, I can honestly say that the thing I am most proud of is the creation of the Justin Gimelstob Children’s Fund in 1998.

I am well aware of how fortunate I am to have been able to make a living playing a sport I love.

I’ve traveled the world while playing against and with some of the best athletes in the world, experiencing things I could only dream of when I first picked up a tennis racquet at 7 years old.

Tennis has provided me with an unparalleled opportunity to travel around the world, explore new cultures, and experience the excitement and challenges that this sport presents.

Through the high points and low points of my career, I have remained tremendously grateful for these experiences and I feel truly blessed.

Professional tennis has conferred upon me two immense and wonderful gifts: the opportunity to maximize my own potential, and the means to exert a beneficial effect on others.

In today’s society, the aura of professional athletics has provided my fellow pros and myself with an almost larger-than-life soapbox from which to be heard.

Together, we share the responsibility to use this forum to exert a positive influence on the lives around us.

My desire to enable the children of our world to realize their own dreams prompted me to form the Justin Gimelstob Children’s Fund.