Gigabyte bios is updating ec firmware

It's just the officially 'supported' configuration. I'm running stock bios, and I have 1x 4tb and 2x 1tb in mine at the moment, works fine (OS on a usb stick in the internal usb port in the motherboard). How much additional cost for the maximum RAM allowed (what type and brand will it suit)? What are you planning on doing with the machine that will actually need more CPU, RAM, and a 500gb disc that will just waste a slot because you'll probably want to replace it with a 2tb+ drive?

gigabyte bios is updating ec firmware-73

I am doing my figures at the moment, these questions: 1. if you can get an N54L for around 0, then another 0 is proportionately a pretty big amount.

I myself have 4x3TB WD RED HDDs in my N54L, and have also tested a WD Green 4TB without isuse. The only limitation is you can't install/boot an operating system of a partition larger then 2TB.

This however is not something the custom firmwares/bioses change. You'll be hard pressed to find or even build a PC with the same features and performance for its price.

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