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Rock garden design may seem simple enough on the face of it, but there is a bit more to it than at first meets the eye.

Disabuse yourself of the notion, right away, that it is just a matter of throwing some rocks and plants together!

Consult the Q&A that follows for insights regarding selecting and arranging your material, the tools you will need, etc.

If you use rocks of similar appearance throughout your rock garden, it will have a more natural look.Did I catch your attention in talking about the aged look?Many people prefer it to the appearance of new stone.If so, you can take advantage of the opportunity presented by starting from scratch (with a clean slate, as it were).You get to choose rocks that are to your own liking.

You will find this tip on selection especially helpful if you prefer the appearance of aged stone.Porous, softer rock is better for rock gardens than is harder rock.Harder rocks take longer to acquire the weathered look that you are striving for in the rock garden, because they are less receptive to the growth of mosses and lichens.Promoting the weathering of your rocks will give the rock garden a natural look.Weathered stone looks as if it had always been there.Also, stick to rocks that look the same in texture, color, and form.