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Inspired by the movie "Begin Again," starring the endearing Mark Ruffalo and Kiera Knightley, it's a unique way to get to know each other, skip the meaningless small talk and set a specific tone for your evening.

Supplies: - A headphone splitter (or headphones you can share) - Whatever you use to play music: your i Phone, Mp3 player, Discman, Walkman, or other 90s device with a politically incorrect name How it works: Using the headphone splitter or shared earbuds, put on a song and start strolling.

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Experiencing the same song through different headphones puts you in your own little world together while life goes quietly on outside your headphones.Dance, lip-sync the words or do whatever the music inspires you to do - let the songs lead the way.At the end of the walk, you'll have lots to talk about as you explain your song choices and what they mean to you.Somewhere in between high school and Tinder, dating got lame.If you've been a couple for a while, going on a date feels like a chore.

Every month or so you feel obligated to set work aside, pay a babysitter and spend more money at that same old restaurant.

If you're a new couple, dates are just plain awkward.

You struggle painfully through small talk, dance around paychecks and count down the minutes until the night is over.

In Dunwoody, we're not ready to accept that the magic of dating is dead.

We'd like to think there's still a fun, affordable night out without dreading it.

And we can prove it with the following outside-the-box date ideas. Date Idea #1: Walk but don't talk Summary: This date is perfect for both new and longtime couples.