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In my short time on Earth, one thing I have learned is that knowledge is not power.

extracts caused a fourfold increase in the formation of testosterone and its precursor hormones.Water-soluble extracts of the root were incubated with testicular tissue that had been removed during surgery for prostate cancer. Another study force-fed rats TKA for fourteen days, killed them and looked at their organs.Though prostate, testes and epididymides did not change weight, (the purpose of the study was to track changes in certain sexual organs weight to see if there were detrimental effects to Eurycoma use) testosterone concentration increased by 30.2% (3).One of the bigger studies done on …Clinical measurements showed that total testosterone levels (both free and bound) increased by over 70%.DHEA, which turns into testosterone in the body, increased by 47%.

SHBG was reduced by 66%, which results in more testosterone in the bloodstream.After 3 weeks, free testosterone available in the bloodstream increased in 73% of the participates (2).Most of the studies performed on Tongkat Ali have revolved around its ability to raise testosterone levels, expand libido or its effects on athletic performance.This shows what our society really cares about in life: youthfulness, sex, and strength/athletic ability. This is why so many herbs in general seem to affect not one but all three of them at a time.They target the ‘whole’ organism, they pay no heed to society’s desire to divide everything to better understand it.Is it true that breaking apart something infinitely will allow you to truly know something?