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Of her many interests, art was her main passion, and despite winning places at all the good art schools in England, she chose to go to the University of Ulster where she studied to be a silversmith: ‘At that point, I wanted to stay close to home.

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Joanne laughed, and told her not to be silly – that the boys must have Photoshopped her face on to someone else’s body.Then suddenly she remembered – ‘and it felt like a ton of bricks falling on my head’.Joanne believed the images would never be made public, but two months later those photos – which had been ‘stolen’ from a memory stick apparently left in the school’s photography room – began to circulate via email and text message.Shortly afterwards, the rest of Britain would be able to view the pictures of the pretty schoolmistress; Joanne posing provocatively in a pair of tight jeans with one breast exposed as she stares moodily into the camera; Joanne arching her back in a chair; Joanne leaning against a bookcase crammed with history of art books, her long tousled hair hanging down to the small of her tanned back.Joanne Salley is living proof that bad things happen to good people.

She was born at home on the farm in County Tyrone where she grew up with her older sister Nicola, surrounded by animals and wide open countryside.It was a secure and idyllic childhood, with Joanne and Nicola doing their homework while their mother cooked, and afterwards running out across the fields, climbing trees and collecting ladybirds in matchboxes.Former Harrow School art teacher Joanne Salley learned a hard lesson last year when revealing photos of her taken by a colleague went viral on the internet.Here, in an exclusive interview, she talks for the first time about what really happened For the pupils of a famous, centuries-old North London boys’ public school, that dream recently became reality.When she first arrived at Harrow School to take up her teaching role in the art department, Joanne Salley – a former Miss Northern Ireland – found herself the object of innocent schoolboy infatuations.As she clacks into the Knightsbridge café she’s suggested we meet in for coffee (she’s staying at a friend’s flat nearby) she is wrapped in a cream cashmere sweater and wheeling a suitcase behind her – in a few hours’ time she will fly to her friend Lisa B’s ‘wild’ themed 40th birthday party in Ibiza.