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I’ve missed being in touch with you and I hope your life is amazing.

I love getting those bags of […] This is one of those easy, healthy, gluten free meals you make when you really are hungry and don’t want to spend very long cooking.The meal took me 10 minutes to make and much longer to eat.The trick to this meal, is to have the ingredients on hand!I laugh every time I see it and the other posts from that month.I started writing to keep track of what I was learning so I wouldn’t forget.

For those who have experienced the Gluten Brain Fog you’ll know what […] This was such a fast, easy dinner that was full of great flavors that I didn’t want to forget it.

So to preserve this for future meals for us all, here it is.

If you are not a fan of Mexican spices then you might want to change the flavor profile but if you do, […] These are so amazing I have to break my summer hiatus and share.

I wanted to use up my 25 pound bag of Honeyville Almond Flour so I’ve been baking like a nut.

I’ve not made oatmeal raisin cookies in years but I had some of my favorite gluten free oats left as well as […] I know, I’ve become obsessed with shrimp sliders and shrimp seems to go so well with other S words like sriracha and southwest.

I think this one was my favorite shrimp sliders so far although a few more idease have popped into my head that I’m going to try.