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Currently there are 641 condemned inmates being held at San Quentins death row.Next came Folsom State Prison which opened in 1880, its location was chosen for two primary reasons the availability of open land and its proximity to the American River.The Livermore Family had contracted with the State Prison Board to use inmate labor to build a second dam on the American River and that was completed in 1893 as a hydroelectric dam. Army Officer that took part in military operations to win the California Territory away from Mexico.

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San Quentin State Prison was named after its location on Point Quentin, which was the name of a Local Native American called Quintin who was either a notorious warrior or a notorious thief, depending on which historical account you believe.Federal mapmakers turned Quintin into the Americanized Quentin and replaced Point with San the Spanish word for saint.San Quentin State Prison is the only location in the California prison system that holds condemned male inmates and carries out executions.The first prison was San Quentin, which opened in 1854.It was built entirely using inmate labor from the Waban a temporary prison that was actually a ship harbored off the coast of Point San Quentin.

Construction began in 1852 and San Quentin received its first inmates in 1854.San Quentin Prison still remains one of the most notorious and recognizable prisons in the world next to Alcatraz Federal Prison.Welcome to PTOs CA Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation Handbook for Family and Friends of Inmates.Here you will find comprehensive answers to many of the questions you may have regarding the incarceration of your loved one.Ive separated the categories to assist those that are new to the system, those that are seeking general information that applies to all inmates, the Division of Juvenile Justice and areas regarding Law, News and History.(), Dimplez (), ellamental (), ju's wife (), karyn (), Lisa H (), noboundries (), praetori (), sharonses (), socal729 (), susan stanton (), tstysandy ()History of the California Prison System California established its prison system in 1851 in response to an influx of criminal activity during the Gold Rush Years.