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And so I come to what became the most horrifying story I was made aware of over the 8 years of researching this horrible and despicable crime which is resulting in the total destruction and mutilation of the children of South Africa (“Our countries greatest assets and future” – according to our Governments frequent comments) in the form of RAPE!

– and believe me I was made aware of MANY horrifying cases with only a few of them being identified on my blogs.

The newspaper story related the fact that after having been found guilty of committing this brutal crime and after having served a mere 15 years of his 60 year sentence, the State, in the form of the ‘Correctional Services – Parole Board’ was intending, and trying their best, to have the piece of human garbage – Dhevapragasen ‘Dean’ Munsamy – released from prison!!I was fortunate enough to be able to make contact with Natasha’s mother – Sharon Jeenabhai – and after a truly emotional meeting with her, which in-spite of my having had many meetings with victims and their families, shocked me to my roots on being presented with the shocking and horrific details of the case which still haunts me to this day – and now our esteemed Government and the ‘Correctional Services – Parole Board’ have brought it all back and have caused Sharon – her husband and Natasha’s sisters – devastating heart break and sorrow having been forced to relive the entire horrific episode again!– So once again here is the story of the incredibly lovely little Natasha Sukdeo – May she rest in peace and be thankful of never having to be afraid of the piece of human waste and piece of absolute garbage named Dean Munsamy of Chatsworth South Africa – may he one day – soon – rot in hell.But first I will start by re-iterating why – in my humble opinion – child rape is occurring in South Africa at an ever increasing rate: We are – according to information provided by hundreds of police officials and NGO’s I interviewed – experiencing, on average, around 600 child rape cases daily in South Africa (it is believed that only 15% of these cases are being reported) and this involves only children in the 1 day old to 12 years of age group of children, with our current conviction rate standing at a miserable 4% and of those who are convicted, they spend a very short period of time (when compared to the pain and suffering they have caused) in actual jail and in comparison to the sentence handed down by the courts – and so based on this information I have in fact come to realise that our esteemed Government is using the South African courts as a ‘propaganda’ tool – by publishing convictions and making headlines of ‘harsh’ sentences being passed down by our courts for convicted child rapists – only to release them early once focus has been taken off the case – and I will provide living proof of this later in this blog, which I am sure will shock the hell out of anybody who is prepared to read it.Information provided by NGO’s and police officials confirmed that it’s a fact that 90% of the despicable crime of child rape is being perpetrated by family members in the form of; fathers – step fathers – uncles – grandfathers and cousins – all individuals who, if identified, prosecuted and convicted, will have a devastating effect on the family-life and in particular result in a financial burden on the mother as well as the rest of the family – For this reason the mother cannot report the rape and sexual abuse of her child to the police – hence the culprit gets away with it – I relate this to the following situation: If I was a criminal and I was robbing people and the people I was robbing were not reporting me to the police, the police cannot stop me or prosecute me because “ a crime has not been committed”, therefore I will continue doing what I am doing – robbing people – and in so doing receive financial benefit as well as pleasure from my crimes – and when I realise that I am on a ‘good thing here’ I will escalate my crimes to get even more benefit and pleasure out of it – and this is exactly what the child rapists are doing.

I have throughout the project written extensively about this situation and as I said earlier, I have expanded on it in detail in blog 60 and so I would encourage you to read blog 60 in order to understand why I have made the comments I have made in the paragraph above.But in a ‘nutshell’, in my humble opinion which is based on the information, opinions and comments I was provided during my 8 years of research on the subject – I am honestly of the opinion that the reason children are being raped is because quite simply ‘the culprits are getting away with it’ – and our esteemed Government is responsible for this – and should be charged themselves for the abuse of our children for allowing it to happen and for not ensuring that the culprits are held responsible and accountable for their crimes AND for not providing a ‘user friendly’ system for the mothers and children reporting the crime which would encourage them to report it – the current system – and I include the so-called wonderful ‘concept’ of the ‘Thuthuzela Care Centre’s’ – which I have written about extensively on this website as well as in blog 60 – which are in my opinion, as they are currently being implemented, a total waste of time and money – in general is shocking, to put it mildly.This website template has been designed by Free Website Templates for you, for free. You can remove any link to our website from this website template, you're free to use this website template without linking back to us.If you're having problems editing this website template, then don't hesitate to ask for help on the Forums.It is now 18 months since I officially finished my travels in Buddy – my trusted mechanical steed Beach Buggy – and having spent almost 8 years travelling in him over a distance of 189 000 kilometres through 14 countries – some of them, in the form of Botswana and Namibia four times – and which included visiting almost every South African town and city 4 times each and having interviewed thousands of individuals in all walks of life which included many newspaper reporters and radio presenters – Police Officials – Teachers – Politicians – Prison Officials – NGO’s – NPA Officials and of course many victims of child rape as well as their mothers and other family members to identify the devastating impact child rape has on the small victim and the family as a whole, I have decided to write the ‘FINAL CHAPTER’ to ‘Buddy and Me – Searching for a Solution to Stop the Rape and Sexual Abuse of Child in South Africa’ The main reason I have taken this long to write this ‘FINAL CHAPTER’ is because I have been asked so many times by people who have been following my project almost religiously “So Steve what is the solution to stopping the rape and sexual abuse of children in South Africa and why is it happening at an ever increasing rate?” and so I have spent the last 18 months seriously contemplating this and analysing all the information, comments and opinions I gleamed from the project over the 8 year period to come up with a ‘solution’ and reason why it is happening and why it is increasing at a horrific rate and to ensure that I had covered all these points in my blog 60 ‘The Conclusion’ – but apart from this I have been patiently awaiting an out-come to a Government decision in the form of the ‘Correctional Services’ or rather ‘Recreational Services’ as I have come to realise it should be called, on what was the worst case I was ‘involved’ in while on the project.