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(I find mouseover more like subtitles, but clicking and holding on mobile can be a pain.) Desperation spurs Kíli to leap when he sees the Orc captain swing a mace over Tauriel.

And it works: Bolg immediately breaks off the attack when Kíli lands on top of him, although it only takes an instant before he throws him off. He was helpless to watch his brother die, but he can give loved one a fighting chance.

This foe is beyond even her—she's still lying stunned and helpless, so he knows his odds of surviving are slim.

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Because I needed a fix-it Kili/Tauriel fic after Bot FA, and because the timeline at the end baffled me: either the sun freezes in the sky for hours after Thorin dies, or Bilbo left (at earliest) the next day.

Cheers to melonhead315 for the encouragement- I rarely venture into AU.

Obvious deviation from canon, but I’ve tried to stay true to the characters and events of the movies.

Mouseover for translations or here is the ffnet version if you prefer parentheses.

" Tauriel heaves Bolg's corpse off of his body, falling to her knees beside him.

Tears fill her eyes when he takes a desperate breath, clutching at his ribs reflexively.He opens his eyes and attempts a smile."Seems you gave this Dwarf a weapon after all," he gasps, indicating the dagger with a tilt of his head, and she huffs a laugh and shakes her head as she strokes a hand down his cheek.An instant later Bolg's swiped the sword out of his hands before bulling forward, sending Kíli crashing into the staircase and knocking the air from his lungs.He sees stars and reaches feebly to grab a rock, a branch, - when he feels something smooth against his fingers. And he wheels it overhand as Bolg hauls him up like a rag doll for skewering.Kíli shouts and he hears Tauriel scream as the sharpened end of Bolg's mace hits his chest, like an anvil into his ribs before they both go crashing to the ground.But the dagger has done its work, quivering in Bolg's eye socket, and without guidance Bolg's weapon has missed the gap in his mail."Kíli!