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There are pretty awesome chinese actresses in Hollywood and most of the Chinese women are that hot.

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It could be their metabolism, it could be their own way of life or enthusiasm towards sex but one thing is guaranteed, you will have to go for a longer time than you would with a western woman.Chinese women are aware of the whole “friends with benefits” idea but they always link their intimacy with men to a relationship.In china, women are used to giving out signs of wanting to get married to someone in just a few days of knowing them.Chinese women are more adventurous when it comes to sexual activities, compared to several western women.While western women have been increasing their kink quotient through erotic fiction and porn, Chinese women tend to be naturally inclined to it.

They might just be virgins when you meet them but one thing you will never know is how soon they can go from ‘no experience’ to sexperts.

Chinese women last longer in bed compared to many western women and it could be a number of reasons.

Living under the same roof, the parents behave that they don’t know what their children are up to. Parents behave like they don’t know what their daughters are up to and the daughters behave like they have just been going to school and coming back home.

This is the reason why metros and most of the places in China have several love hotels that can be booked on hourly basis.

With westernization and international culture spreading from schools and universities, more Chinese women are becoming increasingly active, sexually.

And for the record, they seem to be having pretty high libidos according to men who have dated them.