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Being an actor I have quite a few friends who are in small budget movies that are of a good quality, and I have been telling them that they should stick them on sites like this to gain interest. why doesnt every movie producer show some paypal account in his movie, so that people who liked it and downloaded it can give them some money? Wilkinson and I am the producer of a small independent film ” said he will make another movie and put it himself over internet ? How many people he think he will invest into his new movie ? Put it over internet aka GIVE IT for free and no money will be made . Eat put gas into your car and not the less pay for internet bill .fighting piracy is useless, but using it for good purposes will bring you further Io Martin. Maybe you should “bump” this topic when the DVD hits the stores. Like he said “our awareness level is through the roof”. Or u guys think that radiohead receipt is universal apply ? If u put your mp3 over internet and ask people to give u money how much u think u will make ? So u will be forced to wake up in the morning and go to WORK quiting making GOOD MUSIC . Good luck to all producers who decide to “give/sell” their content over internet .

Wilkinson will both be walking on ice waiting to fall through.Isnt it great to read this kinda stuff Thanks site-owner for putting the mail up on the frontpage as well… And thanks writer to see this obvious advantage, especially for smaller independant films.I watched it, and LOVED the movie so frigging much I’m buying the DVD.On the contrary…they put their name and work into anyone’s awareness. They managed to earn a fortune just by “selling” 160Kbps files, before their cd even appeared on the selfs. I find myself speaking of movies I watch at work and find out they go see them at the theatre over the weekend. ERIC: If you can se this, im very happy to read your mail since that shows the heart of the industry, to make movies!That way they promoted their work and gained hundreds of pounds as well. and for people to se them, ofcrs you want money for your work and you should, i hope people will buy the retail DVD so that you will be able to create your next movie soon.

Super B Dloaded it as well but havent watched it yet. That is what piracy is all about, id be more then happy to buy your dvd just for the support, we need more people like you in the movie buisness that realizes the truth.

Gonna do that for sure now Things like these is why i download (j/k) But thanks to piracy ive come in contact with alot of music i wouldnt know otherwise. Ill never buy something i havent been able to use fully before. Thanks and i will download this movie first to se what its all about Cheers This is really good news.

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Most of those indiependent artists, regardless the field they participate in, have nothing to fear.