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Louis’s QB for the rest of the season, then inexplicably benched him two days later for 34-year-old Shaun Hill. According to Fisher, “ because it wanted to lean on a more experienced actor like Ian Ziering. Random Press Conferences Get Sad-Wonky In October, as coaches and players get more and more frustrated, press conferences start getting angry-wonky. Actually, Bears fans are so bitter that, when wrote an article pretending that Jay Cutler blamed the punter for Chicago’s woes, Bears fans believed it was real and flipped out.

Your 2014 cross-offs: Oakland, Tampa Bay, Jacksonville, Tennessee, both New York teams, St.

” headlines, feed our fantasy football addiction, ruin any eliminator pools that aren’t over yet, provide unintentional comedy fodder, and (in the case of Chicago, anyway) ruin their city’s collective will to live.

We Can Officially Cross Off One-Third of the NFL’s Teams Go away, dregs of the NFL! For the next seven weeks, these 11 teams exist only to screw up three-team teasers, generate “Will (fill in the blank) get (fired or benched)?

Louis, Washington, Houston, Minnesota, Chicago, and Chicago a second time.

The “Loser Leaves Town” Matches Before the WWE hijacked every U. pro wrestling corner, smaller promotions in Texas, Georgia, Memphis and Canada survived by developing their own stars. But in the Weeks 10-11 range, as teams and fans start giving up hope, press conferences become more sad-wonky.

Many times, those stars would leave for bigger promotions like NWA or WWE, only it was wrestling, so they’d “leave” by losing what was called a “Loser Leaves Town” match. The “My Team Doesn’t Suck Quite Enough” Conundrum A November staple covering any fan base that gives up on the current season, starts dreaming about the next draft’s franchise-saving QB (in this case, Marcus Mariota), shifts into rooting-against-my-own-team mode, then watches in abject horror when they can’t even tank the season correctly. Enjoy the anonymous 6-foot-8 right tackle you’re drafting! And that’s how you end up with a lifelong You Tube headline like “Bucs QB Josh Mc Cown cries in post-game press conference.” Beleaguered Fan Bases Graduate From “Profoundly Depressed” to “Really Bitter” And it manifests itself in occasionally hilarious ways.In the NFL, those matches start happening in Week 11 — one or two “Loser Leaves Town” (or in this case, the playoff picture) games that actually mean something. You know, like the Jets upsetting Pittsburgh last Sunday. Struggling Coaches Losing Their Minds We saw it before Week 10 when Lovie Smith inexplicably benched the vaguely promising Mike Glennon for the not-promising-whatsoever Josh Mc Cown. Like this fake Tampa radio ad begging for volunteers for the Bucs’ overmatched offensive line.Like Miami (now 6-4) knocking out Buffalo (5-5) last night. And we saw it again this week when Jeff Fisher claimed that 25-year-old Austin Davis would remain St. Or Chicago fans responding to that Packers-Bears annihilation by cranking out mean Internet meme after mean Internet meme.If smoking Jay Cutler grows a mustache, this comparison is a lock. Bonkers Gambling Sunday always happens in Week 11, 12 or 13; it always features at least two big-money dogs winning outright along with two other crazy endings that send Vegas into a tizzy; and it always ends with Chris Berman declaring on Sunday night, “And Teej, that was one WILD Week (fill in the number) in the National Football League.” Because I’m a masochist, I love knowing that Bonkers Gambling Sunday is coming, then insisting on betting and trying to brazenly avert the Bonkers Gambling Sunday land mines the way you’d sidestep cars if you stupidly walked across a highway. It has taken eight days and counting to digest a two-day hearing? The Sneaky-Great Division Wager By Week 11, there’s always one under-the-radar divisional wager with sneaky-great odds lurking out there. Mike Tomlin’s Steelers teams love blowing games to NFL doormats — as you might have noticed last weekend, or if you frequent Reddit’s NFL page and stumbled across the “Steelers are 2-10 in their last 12 games against teams with a .200 or worse winning percentage” thread.Cutler through 2014: 26,030 yards, 172-121 TD-INT, 85.5 rating. WARNING: Bonkers Gambling Sunday might happen this weekend. Remember, THIS was the team that blew a playoff game to Tim Tebow.George’s career: 27,602 yards, 154-113 TD-INT, 80.4 rating. The favorites went 10-2 last Sunday/Monday and climbed over .500 against the spread in 2014. The RGABJTLTTHWAUCTWDNCHHJATNMIPTCWUJLTOW That’s the acronym for “Roger Goodell’s annual botch job that’s limping toward the holidays with an unclear conclusion that will definitely not cost him his job as the national media intermittently pretends to care while ultimately just looking the other way.” (I really need to work on getting better at acronyms.) This time around, the Goodell-Rice saga somehow made it to mid-November without a clear resolution to the question “Why did Goodell re-suspend Rice without any new evidence, and why did he pretend that he DID have new evidence? Throw in the actual news headline “Ben Roethlisberger: Don’t Blame Justin Bieber for Steelers Loss” and I don’t know how the Steelers are finishing 9-7 … BENGALS (+280 odds): Andy Dalton already sucked the life out of their season; there’s a really decent chance that Sunday’s Superdome blowout loss (and you know it’s coming) will earn him the Matt Schaub Award, given annually to the once-competent starting QB from a playoff team who becomes so shellshocked that it overwhelms his team’s playoff chances.