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The Brush- The brush is sleek black and not very long. 🙂 I so wanted to buy this but since I did not have a single complaint with my Inglot liner, I could control my temptation. I use gel liners- Inglot -black, MAC fluidline -waveline, and Clinique Cream liner- honey brown. I am not sure if it is this Liner or is it the eyeshadow or what….my eyes turn itchy and red. It stung my eye pretty badly, actually i shouldn’t have used it on my waterline. 🙂 Reply Hi Rati I got my Maybelline Gel Liner and must tell u that it is awesome! 🙁 If the shadows have a lot of fall out then apply generous amount of loose powder on your cheeks before aplying shadows.I am very impressed with the packaging, gel and most importantly the brush. Regarding the Lakme eye shadow quads, I have all of these quads and i have a problem with them in the sense that i find they are too glittery and they do not blend easily..i got them when i was new t makeup and did not know anything about eyesahdows. Could u tell me a way to use it properly so that it stays and does not fade. This way the fallout would be on the powder and not on the face leaving glitters on your face. You may pick Inglot eyeshadow base or Beyu eyeshdow base.You may remove the loose powder with the powder beush afterwords. If nothing else use your concealer so that your shadows stay long on your eyes.

Pat-pat-pat and then blend lightly with the blending brush.

Read review on lakme quatret here : Reply I don’t use eyebrow pencils myself because I have pretty dark brows but if I have to, I just use the dark brown eyeshadow from my Maybelline Chai Latte Quad to fill in my brows. Use a gray or brown for brows, it looks more natural.

The Body Shop has a very pretty brow kit, you may take a look at that as well. v=SAHxbjs-VXw hiii please check out dis video on youtube.

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I have eye pencils, liquid liners, pen liners, Felt tip liners, kajal from every brand and I still long for more.

After Rati’s Inglot Gel liner review, I was dying to get my hands on a gel liner.

To my delight, I found Maybelline Lasting Drama gel liner soon after. Maybe by the time I finish this something better will come along. I really wish Maybelline launches the Colour plush Eyeshadow which is also part of their Eye Studio Collection. I request you to please try and improve this quality and bring it back to the older one.

This one is a part of Maybelline’s Eye Studio Collection and is the only product available in India from this range. The brush comes with a plastic lid so it is easy to store anywhere. This older one was probably the best liner anybody could have at this range, but im really disappointed after using the new and improved product with 32hours of no smudge promise and almost Rs.150 more expensive that the older one. This is by far the best gel liner I have come across.. but we need to be sure that we remove it or it might just make the dark circles appear even darker Tagged as: cream liner, eye makeup, Eyes, gel eyeliner, Indian Makeup, Indian Makeup Blog, Inglot gel eyeliner, Lakme Eye Artist, Maybellien gel liner, Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner Mrun…really came out well on your eyes :yes: :yes: ……art of using the liner is also of high importance…unsteady hands like me need to take a lesson from you and Rati….. I found the cap quite odd…sticks out like a sore thumb….ugly…

My Review on Maybelline Gel Eye Liner: Packaging: The pack includes a tiny tub of the gel liner and a specially designed brush. the application with the brush is a little tedious but totally worth the time as you would have an eyeliner that stays all day long.. Reply Jomol, rest your elbow on the table, you would be able to get a perfect line and rest is the matter of practice. I have a few of them and find them no different from Bourjois or Revlon. Your body shows signs of what it likes and what it doesn’t s you must listen to it.

The carton itself is attractive but no use once you open it. 🙂 M, it’s looking very beautiful on your eyes and I am sucker for matte finishes these days. And I was looking for a good Indian makeup forum and stumbled upon yours. I checked up and found that the Maybelline gel liner is available in Lifestyle Rajouri garden. And one more thing with Maybelline waterproof eyeliner is whenever I use them my eyes turn red. 🙂 I sue maybelline ye studio pencil and I am not a big fan of it. i have many eye shadows from maybelline , colorbar, inglot, bourjois etc and I am quite happy with them. :-/ Reply Mrunmayee hasn’t mentioned anything about the irritation in the eyes and had that been the case she would have. Also, don’t put gel or liquid liners in your eyes and you’d be fine.