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l started to feel so lonely, and seeing [people] all around me having someone makes me feel bad about myself. A friend I'll call "Ed" kept pushing me to contribute to my school's alumni fund.On the other hand, I do like my independent and free life but still want someone... Read more While walking to a workout class, busily talking to my mom about my latest dating flop, she kindly reminded me that when the time is right, when the stars align, when the right person comes along, it won’t be so difficult to fall in love. The more he called me, the more stubborn I felt that my answer was, "No." I felt that not only did I lack the money necessary to contribute...Read more Shame is one of those issues that's often discussed without ever really operationalizing what it is. Shame, boiled down to its root, is the feeling you have that something about you is wrong or bad. Read more Dear Sara: I'm in Seattle and dating here is brutal.

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Your day job may include deal-making in the boardroom, but the minute you get home, the rules change and you're playing Let's Make a Deal with your children.

Parenting is about negotiating, but oftentimes it can turn into a downright power struggle.

If you're caught in a constant give-and-take with your child, Dr.

You endured Valentine's Day and managed to get through it without feeling sorry for yourself.

Your days consist of hanging out with your girlfriends lamenting about their past relationships or listening to your married friends talk about their kids activities.

The last few dates you've been on weren't anything to talk about and secretly you're still pining over your last relationship.

If you're anything like the other single people out here you're wondering why you're single or what you're doing wrong.

Sometimes the very things we find attractive in someone may actually be warning signs that they may not be good for us in the long run. Because we know one of the greatest — and simplest — secrets in life. Read more Almost every person has “sense of humor” high on the list of things they want in a partner.

Those high expectations that make him a success in business may turn to unnecessary pressure in a crisis. Read more Happy single people are just like happy coupled people. Every day, we get to hang out with the most amazing person we know ... You know, of course, what you like about another’s person ability to be funny.

But have you considered exactly why this quality makes YOU desirable? Read more At first, you may think that the list of traits that make a man or woman unattractive is endless, like a scroll that goes on forever.

The truth, though, is that many unattractive traits can be boiled down to more fundamental traits. Read more Dear Sara: I'm a 34-old-girl who never had a proper relationship.