Dodge sirius updating channels

Subscription Updated: Updating the suscription information.

DNX8120/DDX812/DDX8032BT Check Sirius: The unit cannot recognize the connected Sirius Tuner Box. Updating Channels **% Completed: Updating the Sirius Channel Map. Operation is invalid until the update is completed. Operation is invalid until the update is completed.

Antenna Error: Something is wrong with the anntena. Updating Firmware: Updating the firmware of Sirius tuner. Operation is invalid until the update is completed.

Connect an USB device/i Pod, and change the source to USB/i Pod again. Some trouble may have occurred to the connected USB device.

Clean the disc, referring tot he section on (page 6). Error 07–67: The unit is not operating correctly due to some reason or other. No Device (USB device)/Disconnected (i Pod): The USB device/i Pod is selected as a source although no USB device/i Pod is connected. Change the source to any source other than USB/i Pod.

Parental level Error: The disc you wanted to play has a higher level than the parental level you set. If the "Error 07.67" message does not disappear, see your nearest Kenwood dealer. Authorization Error: Connection to the i Pod has failed.

Region code Error : The disc you wanted to play has a region code that cannot be played with this unit.

CHECK XM TUNER: The unit cannot recognize the connected XM Tuner.

CHECK ANTENNA: Something is wrong with the anntena.

English Specifications Monitor section Specifications Monitor section Picture Size : 6.95 inches (diagonal) wide : 156.2 mm (W) x 82.4 mm (H) Display Sytem : Transparent TN LCD panel Drive System : TFT active matrix system Number of Pixels : 336,960 (480H x 234V x RGB) Effective Pixels : 99.99 % Pixel Arrangement : RGB striped arrangement Back Lighting : Cold Cathode Fluorescent Tube DVD player section D/A Converter : 24 bit Audio Decoder : Linear PCM/ Dolby Prologic II/ Dolby Digital/ dts/ MLP/ MP3/ WMA/ AAC Video Decoder : MPEG1/ MPEG2/ MPEG4 (Div X) Wow & Flutter : Below Measurable Limit Frequency Response Sampling frequency; 192 k Hz : 20 – 88,000 Hz Sampling frequency; 176.4 k Hz : 20 – 80,000 Hz Sampling frequency; 96 k Hz : 20 – 44,000 Hz Sampling frequency; 88.2 k Hz : 20 – 40,000 Hz Sampling frequency; 48 k Hz : 20 – 22,000 Hz Sampling frequency; 44.1 k Hz : 20 – 20,000 Hz Total Harmonic Distortion : 0.008 % (1 k Hz) S/N Ratio (d B) ...

Hot Error : When the internal temperature of this unit rises to 60°C or more, the protection circuit is activated and you may not be able to operate the unit. Hold Error : Activation of the protective circuit when the temperature inside the disc changer is higher than 60 degrees Celsius stops the disc changer from operating.

Use the unit again after reducing the temperature inside the vehicle. Use when the temperature at the site where the disc changer has been fitted has dropped.

Media was played that doesn’t have data recorded that the unit can play. : The connected USB device is rated a current capacity higher than the allowable limit.

Contact the Kenwood dealer if this indicator continues blinking or the disc cannot be ejected. No Music: The connected USB device contains no playable audio file.