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My husband says,"You love seeing other people have a great time." Is it easy being part of a couple when you're both famous?

We always do big Christmases and Halloween parties at home.

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Every time he'd see me worrying about a part or my children, he'd say, "Nicci, don't worry, be happy." That is how I've pledged to live my life from this point on.

Their daughter will be seen in the upcoming Mad Max: Fury Road, due out in a couple of weeks. 🌴 Full Story This must be how some people feel about Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt.

So they decided to come together, the entire family. It was certainly how I felt about Brad Pitt and Gwyneth Paltrow.

When you google Nicole Kidman, words like "ice queen" and "control freak" pop up. We bring along blankies, pillows and candles, but can set up home everywhere. On the flip side, you don't have the physical energy.

But in Seoul early this month, to unveil Omega's De Ville line, the Hollywood star exudes a chatty vibe. I did a film this year in Morocco and had my kids living out in tents. Recently, I was chatting with my daughter and I could tell that she was hungry.

In a figure-hugging Dolce &Gabbana cocktail gown, she asks us for advice on what nightclubs and hotspots to visit. I'd say a guy should stand up tall and not worry because — I don't know if I should this, but I will anyway — aren't we all the same height lying down? How do you talk to your children when you travel without them? I told my husband, "She needs a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and she'll want to go to gymnastics." I was right.

Kidman suffered a recent setback when her father Dr Antony Kidman died suddenly while on holiday with her sister in Singapore.

Barely two weeks later, she says that the family is still "shattered". As a tall, beautiful woman, what advice can you give them?

Here she reveals to ETPanache what she looks for in her man (and why it doesn't matter if he's shorter than her): Do you judge a man by his shoes or by his watch? If I had to choose between shoes or a watch, I'd go for the latter. It instantly made me go, "Okay, there's Keith's (husband Keith Urban) Christmas present."But shhhh...

(Laughs) I primarily judge him by his heart and his actions.

I was just given this tip to eat two kiwi fruits to beat jetlag. We can live anywhere in the world, strangely enough. What I love about being older is the patience and wisdom that you get.