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ACLogin Widget that automatically makes a login form for your Active Collab installation in your Wordpress Site.

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X-Login is a powerful User Management system, with current features: Web-based Administration and Configuration, Secure and Scalable Application, Protected Pages and Content, Group Based Protection, Access and Login Audits, Forgot Password, E-Mail...Word Press's themes are absolutly amazing, except you are not able to theme the login pages very well. User registers with email address as user name and receives verification email.DBD Login Style is a light weight plugin that will allow you full theme control over the login pages. Basic admin interface, "forgot password" feature, customizable user data fields, login attempt limitation, etc. Don't worry is an utility which will be helpful for the webmasters to send the forgotten passwords of the site visitors through email.In this article author offers various codes to remind the users password by sending them their forgotten password through email with the help of CDONT's.

This plugin themes the Word Press login, registration and forgot password pages according to your current theme.

It replaces the file by using a page template from your theme. Features This plugin creates 4 rewrite rules that will allow users to login, register, access the forgot password form and the admin dashboard using pretty URLs.

Web Page Password Protection and professional Login Areas and Login Boxes Fast and Easy!

Password Login is a Windows application designed to make your webmaster life easier.

Preview your Login Area while you work on your design. I-Secure is a complete password protection component designed to secure any ASP page within your Internet or Intranet web site.

Features: Multi-Level Access settings,- Online Administration for Adding, Updating or Deleting Users,- User Log files...