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The Skipper’s 5 year old grandson was visiting from CA for the week so he is sailing a reduced schedule this week.Captain George was on fish duty and report an excellent bluefish bite outside the harbor. Captain George said they attacked anything put in front of them…flies, poppers, and jerkbaits all caught fish. Tuesday, Captain Bill had his grandson, Oliver on board for his first trip on the Draggin’ Fly.

Captain Bill checked a few areas inside looking for bass before decided to head to the area where there had been the bluefish blitz the previous day.

The crew missed an early bass bite in the Inner Harbor that Captain George was on, but they still got into a nice bite. Oliver and Mary worked together to land the first bluefish that hit a Rappala deep swimming plug fished behind the boat on a spinning rod.

Once the blues began to blitz bait on the surface, the Skipper switched to surface lures and had great action.

The bluefish were chopping on herring, which to Oliver’s amazement, the blues spit out live right at the boat.

Then he headed to the outside to see if the bluefish would be there.

And yes, they were once again clobbering bait all over the surface.Thursday, Bob Mosher of Hingham and his son Michael, who was visiting from North Carolina, met Captain Bill at dawn.The Skipper was experimenting with a butterfly jig fished below the blues to see if he could catch a big bass when he had a tremendous hit. Then the sickening feeling when the line goes slack.Captain Bill thinks that one of fish’s buddies bit above the leader or he had a fish on each stinger hook and the line broke.Whatever, there was no need for further experimentation.Olive and his Nana caught monster blues, some were over 16 pounds. Again this morning he had an early bass bite in the Inner Harbor with school bass.