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The creators of Grindr saw potential here for the straight community, too, so they created Blendr in response.

Maybe it's because of its partnership with Badoo, or maybe it's because of the different interactions between males and females, but Blendr is a bit of a fail, with tons of fake profiles and little in the way of genuine connectivity. For: i OS, Android Price: Free Website: by the press as the 'sexting app', the developers maintain that their intentions are pure.

Still, the ability to take a photo (but not video) and send it to a friend (*wink*) and then have it self-destruct after a few seconds, really does lend itself rather well to sending your goolies over the interwebs.

The most astounding was that immodest clothing has a HUGE impact on relationships that are just beginning and when you meet somebody for the first time.

All the stats showed that immodest clothing made people feel very uncomfortable, especially when females wore it. The girls who wear revealing clothing are sacrificing a lot, even in relationships.

They may be getting the exact opposite of what they are trying to achieve.

These are emails and excerpts from emails I’ve received from guys (posted here with permission).

-Jen “I’m not Mormon, but I really do prefer modest apparel over, well, not-so-modest apparel on girls to the extent, in fact, that I’m more likely to approach them.

Is it because I don’t think I can “get with” girls who dress explicitly? It’s because modest clothes give me the impression that I can have a real conversation with a girl.When I see a girl in modest (but still cute) attire, I often see a girl who is more of a thinker and thus someone who is more interesting than the average girl.” ~Alex, 19 years old, College Student in New York, and not your average Christian.One of the things I really worry about is modesty and the youth… It was so hard for me to deal with the unwanted visual stimulation while dating, and I still find it disturbing now at college.” ~Nicholas K.For: i OS, Android, Black Berry Price: Free, in-app purchases for some features Website: , Grindr rose to infamy as the location-based sex hookup app of choice for the gay community.You simply enter a name, upload a photo and wait for the requests to come flooding in.As it's location-based, finding a nearby hookup has never been so easy.