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It was sympathy for his brother’s plight that initially inspired Ricky to create the niche dating site, which caters to those suffering from mental and physical disorders that make it hard to find dates in the traditional ways. ” The struggle with what — and when — to tell a potential date is one that many with similar conditions face in the dating world.“It’s hard to relate,” Ricky said, speaking of his brother Keith’s dating woe. But he couldn’t find anybody that was going through the same thing he was going through.” For many years, Keith lived with the severe limitations that come with Crohn’s disease, experiencing extreme weight loss and rarely going out. Many times, the disclosure of a chronic or debilitating illness is an ice bath for the dating ardor, and even relationships that have been strong for months or years can be challenged by a medical condition.

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There are more than 40 options listed on the sign-up page, ranging from behavioral and psychiatric conditions like autism or Tourette’s, to physical conditions including IBS, MS, and quadriplegia.Users can select as many options as apply, and Ricky says he has seen many users with two, three, or even four different conditions.There is also an “Other” option for members with more uncommon ailments.The Short Version: The world of dating is full of challenges, but it can be particularly tricky if you suffer from a medical condition and are trying to determine when to reveal it to your date.For many, “the talk” usually ends with a one-way ticket to splitsville.

Prescription4Love aims to take some of the awkwardness and heartache out of dating while living with a disability or illness by putting it all out there, upfront.

Members of the site disclose their conditions openly and honestly, posted right on their profiles.

Users can then search for potential partners based not just on the usual metrics of age and sexual preference — but mental or physical conditions they may have or be open to dating.

The site has also evolved into more than a dating aid, building a network where its thousands of users can find support and understanding.

First dates are awkward for everyone, but they can be especially difficult for those suffering from uncomfortable or debilitating medical conditions.

This was certainly true for Keith Durham, the brother of Prescription4Love Founder Ricky Durham, who suffered from Crohn’s disease — a chronic inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract.