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The Indian Diaspora has evolved its own cultural practices in different parts of the world.

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The history of immigration from the Indian subcontinent to Canada goes back to the beginning of the twentieth century when men from Punjab decided to explore the New World in search of better economic opportunities.

Many of them were veterans of the British Army who found their pensions inadequate or small farmers whose lands had been taken away by moneylenders.

The first reception to these immigrants in the new land was far from welcoming.

The local Canadians treated them with suspicion and there were racial clashes.

However with change of Canadian government’s immigration policies after the Second World War, the first wave of immigrants were allowed to be naturalized Canadians and this encouraged more people from the home countries to emigrate to Canada.

The later decades saw hundreds of thousands of people from India migrating to Canada on the basis of skills that were required in the North American country.

Indian Dating in Canada is a relatively new trend since by and large, Indo-Canadian families have been able to continue with the system of arranged marriages.

With a population of 962665, Indo-Canadians make up around 3.1 percent of the entire Canadian population.

Almost half of these numbers comprise the Sikh community who were among the earliest migrants to Canada from the Indian subcontinent and in fact Punjabi is the fourth most common language spoken in the country today.

Most of Indo-Canadian population is concentrated in the Greater Toronto Area and the Metro-Vancouver/Fraser Valley Region.

Besides these, there are growing communities of Indo-Canadians in cities like Edmonton, Calgary and Montreal.