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Astral Hearts"You don't have to be a Reiki Master or Metaphysician to participate in Astral Hearts." This site focuses on those with at least a moderate interest in Metaphysics, Spirituality, an open mind, and a thirst for continued knowledge and growth."Information provided on this website is believed to be accurate; however A Greater Date does not guarantee it's accuracy.

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Our members value holistic, green living, spiritual growth, raising the collective consciousness and, of course, our precious Mother Earth.

Many of our members enjoy meditation, yoga, juicing, spending time in Nature and connecting with others on a deep, soul level.

If you are ready for an EXTRA-ORDINARY, loving relationship, join today!

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Nine master teachers, nine wisdom traditions, two 9-day residentials, one journey of the human spirit into the direct experience of living awake. I breeze through the questionnaire: How “green” am I? But just recently, I heard of an entirely new niche in the online dating market, for “conscious singles.” In this case, being conscious means living life in a thoughtful way, following a spiritual path, valuing nonsuperficial things when seeking a life partner. Perhaps my age (middle) and shape (no longer thin) and strong personality (pitta, remember?

stare at the blank form on the website — the one that invites me to open my heart and pursue my soul mate via a labyrinth stocked with eligible men. I was more than capable of getting into my own romantic scrapes and didn’t need a website to exacerbate my bad decision making.

He gave her the once-over, and just as she raised her hand to wave, the car sped away. Stunning tales of similarly dehumanizing behaviors abounded, and it also became clear that pretty much everyone was lying on their online profiles, often underreporting their age and weight.