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Do they have one of the Smoke 51 kiosks at the mall? I aquired one of these things but need a charger for it and figured instead of ordering one, I could just buy one there since I'll be there next week. This month I have a rather short post, not out of desire or lack of inputs, but simply because I wanted to post something this month rather than delay my post again.

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I think we are all in that category: we think a big scrappy quilt will eat up a ton of fabric... Below is her Christmas Beauty (50 by 50"), which she quilted on a domestic machine.

Her design was based on my Sleeping Beauty pattern.

She said she loved this quilt so much that she's ready to make another one!

She finally kept her promise to herself to make and finish the quilt - a bunch of 3-inch bow tie blocks sewn together to make a 63 by 72 inch quilt, which she called All Tied Up. Becky was busy and entered several quilts in this show.

Here is her Bar Fight quilt (61 by 85"), quilted by Cynthia Clark.

Becky adapted a pattern from the book "Sunday Mornings Quilts" by Amanda Nyberg and Cheryl Arkison when she made her quilt, using her stash of plaid fabrics. Becky just strip-sewed pieces together, then cut them into "strata" (strips of strips), which she sewed together to make the face of the quilt. One of my favorite designs is a New York Beauty quilt.Becky confessed that her attempt to reduce her plaid stash was not very successful. Becky had two New York Beauty quilts in this quilt show.My guild had its biannual quilt show in May and I am going to share half of the photos I took.You'll see the other half next month, assuming all goes well and my energy level picks up a bit.I'll also share some of the photos that were sent to me, as well as give you a glimpse of some quilts I've been working on - including a few surprises. I am a member of the Lakeview Quilters Guild -- and it hosts a quilt show in every even-numbered year. I love scrappy quilts as much as Becky does - and I especially love the "Baptist Fan" or "dinner plate" quilting motif.Quilt shows are a lot of work, and our guild members work hard to put on a great show with wonderful quilts. Becky Stephenson (Fairfield, Texas) is a good friend and she fell in love with an antique quilt she saw in a magazine. It looks good on just about any (non-appliqued) antique-style quilt.